The Spicy Sauce With a Sweeter Story

My name is Corrado Mion and I'm a father of four. I created this hot sauce over 20 years ago and have been perfecting the recipe over the years.

This sauce is my way of creating a legacy and a future for my family. I was never someone who added hot sauce to my food. Born in Venezuela of Italian parents, I grew up cooking and learning to cook Italian and Venezuelan food. It wasn’t until I tried my wife’s aunt’s sauce where something special began.

This was the first hot sauce I ever liked. I knew I could build off it and when she gave me the recipe she told me to make it my own. From there I began to mix different spices and peppers and through many years of trials and tribulations Spicy Mion was created.

Having 4 kids, building a legacy was important to me. My eldest son Gianmarco is autistic and non verbal. He changed our lives completely and has been an angel in our lives.

This sauce is what I want to build as a legacy for him, something that can make sure his every need is taken care of.

I know my three other children will do everything for their brother, but I want to make sure that they can live their lives worry free. This is a way to repay the person I love the most in this world, for all the love and blessings he has brought to all our lives.

This is a sauce that you will enjoy and the more you eat it the more you will want it. Bursting with flavor that lasts and masks the spiciness. This will change the way you think of hot sauces and you will never want to use another sauce again.

I truly love this sauce more than anyone can imagine and I hope that you can taste the passion that went in to creating it.